Every Child Coos Community Resources 


Thanks to our incredible community, Every Child Coos has been able to expand and provide greater support for Foster Families and our local Kids in Care. We work with our volunteer base to meet the needs of these families through community partnerships, connecting services, and through our own innovative thinking, to make sure our kids are receiving as much support as possible. This is only made possible because of the incredible hearts of foster families, passionate ODHS staff, and community partners like you. Here are some of the resources our foster families can tap into, to receive some additional support:


  • Family Night In Boxes 
    • Every Child Coos has been working to support our families through a random drawing to provide a box filled with activities, meals/restaurant certificates, and other items that make for a fun family night in.


  • Tutoring Services
    • During these unprecedented times, our kids in care have been in need of academic support, which is why Every Child Coos has partnered with local tutors to provide a free virtual tutoring service. We understand that it is difficult for families to juggle it all, and with our new program we hope to ease some of that strain.


  • Resource Parent Mentoring
    • We realize that being a Resource Parent is no easy task, which is why we partner with our local experienced Resource Parents to provide guidance and support to those who need it.


  • Meeting Tangible Needs for our Families through MyNeighbOR 
    • My NeighbOR is designed to mobilize caring Oregonians to meet the unique, pressing, and tangible needs of families.